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Example - Strategic Issue Resolution Process

How do we overcome customer preference for a competing method of repair (call it "Their Method")?

Bases for Preference:

  • Most important basis: Their Method is perceived as a smooth, strong, long-lasting repair (if done properly)
  • Endorsement of Their Method by equipment manufacturers
  • The Pacific Rim has a strong bias toward Their Method

Overcoming the Preference:

  • One-on-one consultative selling with the end-user to present the benefits of Our Method
  • Work with equipment manufacturers
  • Dispel perception that Our Method is only a temporary repair-Our Method is an engineered system
  • Establish an intelligence system that alerts us when an end-user has a bad experience using Their Method

Should we get into the service business to utilize Their Method as well as Our Method?

  • We have a major concern with straddling both Our and Their Methods-sends a mixed message to the market. We have been aggressively selling against Their Method.
  • We still have major market growth opportunities for Our Method in developing countries.

Bottom line-

  • We would not consider offering Their Method without first having a system using Our Method that overcomes the major preferences for Their Method.
  • We will not offer Their Method within the next 3-5 years.

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